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FICLET: The Tragic Body Shot (That Led to the Downfall of Jared Padalecki), Jared/Jensen, R

Title: The Tragic Body Shot (That Led to the Downfall of Jared Padalecki)
Author: Erin
Rating: R for language
Character/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 637
Summary: Unrequited nonsense.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned them.
A/N: Written for the fabulous lapdogdesign, who led me down the slippery slope known as J2. And who also is my only friend on LJ who knows what I'm talking about when I reference anything where I live. This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but LJ was being a bitch. Anyway, I hope your day was wonderful, El! Beta read by the absolutely brilliant starxd_sparrow, who frankly, I don't think I could get by without.

Here was the thing. Jensen? Not gay. And that was fine. It was great, in fact. For Jensen. Not so much for Jared, who had developed such a horrible yearning for his co-star that he almost didn't know what to do with himself some days. It was ridiculous. Jared was twenty-five years old, and he had a crush on his co-star. His male co-star.

It was becoming a bit of a burden, to tell the truth. It was difficult to act comfortably next to someone when all you could think about was kissing them, or touching them, or licking them all over. Yeah, Jared was kind of fucked. And not in a good way.


Okay, so it started like this. They were drinking one night in Jared's hotel room, doing shot after shot of tequila. Jensen had wanted to go to one of the bars they tended to frequent, but Jared hadn't wanted to deal with people, so they'd settled on getting a bottle of Cuervo and a couple of limes from room service and ensconced themselves in his suite.

And at first, everything was fine. It was the same as it always was with Jensen, drinking too much and shooting the shit. But then Jensen suggested they play “I Never” and things sort of went downhill. After about the fifth round, things were hazy and soft and Jared slurred out the words, “I've never done a body shot.”

With a raised eyebrow, Jensen held out his wrist and said, “Well, hell, we'd better change that, Jay. Go for it.”

So really, none of this was Jared's fault. If Jensen hadn't stuck out his perfect wrist and practically begged Jared to lick it, he wouldn't be stuck in an endless loop of lust and torment. Yeah, it was dramatic. What of it?

Anyway, he went for it. He licked Jensen's wrist and pulled away, sprinkling salt over the patch of moist skin. He licked the salt off, and then something changed. At the time, Jared convinced himself it was the alcohol, the salt, whatever. Anything but the truth, which was that the second his tongue slid across Jensen's wrist for the second time, something in his brain fizzed out and everything went wonky. His skin tingled, his head went light and his dick got harder than when Mary Sue James showed him her tits back in junior high. He slammed the shot back and bit the lime that Jensen shoved at him, shaking his head to clear it before looking up at Jensen, and yeah. Dick still hard, heart still racing.

Luckily, they both passed out about fifteen minutes after the tragic body shot, as Jared was wont to call it in his mind, and he was able to pretend nothing was wrong.


So here's where it stands. Jensen maybe kinda knows something's wrong, that something's different, but he won't ask, he doesn't ask, and Jared thinks that maybe that's a good thing, but maybe it's a bad thing too. Because if he was forced to tell the truth, to tell Jensen that he felt this way about him, then maybe things would change.

But maybe they'd change for the worse, and Jared would lose his best friend. On the other hand (tricky things, all those different perspectives and shit), maybe they'd change for the better.

In the end though, it doesn't matter. Because one day Jared's just gonna erupt in a crazy lust-fueled explosion and attack Jensen. He's got no hope that it won't happen, he's just counting down the days 'til it does.

He figures it'll go one of two ways. Lots of kissing, lots of groping, lots of fucking. Or. Well, you know the other way it could go.

But maybe the not knowing is the hardest part. Maybe, in the end, they'll actually live happily ever after, laying in a field, with Jensen's head on his stomach as they look at the stars.

Yeah, Jared's a romantic. What of it?
Tags: jared/jensen, rps

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