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bandom-Spencer fucking Smith

delicatelight in fic_by_erin

FIC: You Lead Me Through Babylon, Jared/Jensen, R

Title: You Lead Me Through Babylon
Author: Erin
Rating: R for language
Character/Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 1,119
Spoilers: None
Summary: Jared got his tongue pierced.
Disclaimer: Oh, the boys only own themselves, and as far as I know, have no feelings for each other aside from friendship. It's unfortunate, that.
Warnings: Unfulfilled lust and all that.
A/N: Beta read by the delightful starxd_sparrow and the spectacular rejeneration. I'm surrounded by genius, I'm tellin' ya! My girls are awesome.
2nd A/N: This was written for breathe_me 'cause it's her birthday. I asked her a few weeks ago if she'd like me to write her something, and she said, “Yes, please.” And then she said, “FNL or SPN, please.” Heh. So, clearly, I'm an awful friend, because even though I tried, I simply couldn't get either one of those written. I'm sorry, dear! You're awesome, and deserve way better treatment! I hope your birthday is wonderful, because you're fabulous.
3rd A/N: (I know, I know. I swear, I'm almost done.) Okay, so this one? Meh. I tried to make it awesome for my wonderful girl, but it came out less than. You are warned. Also, because I can't think of titles, this one came from a Placebo song, “I Feel You.” And...so did the cut text.

It started when Jared got his tongue pierced. He returned from summer hiatus with a brand new bar through his tongue, flash of silver when he spoke. “Lost a bet,” he told Jensen, little laugh to shrug it off.

Jensen couldn't help it, and he certainly wouldn't confess it to anyone, but he was a little fascinated with the piercing. He found himself focused on Jared's mouth whenever he spoke, on the way the tiny ball clicked the back of his teeth. Found himself thinking things he'd never thought about a guy before, let alone his best friend.

It got to the point where anytime he saw the flashing silver stud, it made him hard as a rock. It was uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally, but he tried his best to ignore it.

Until that night. That Night. In capital letters. That's how he'd always remember the night Jared came over to Jensen's to watch the game and have a few beers.


About an hour into the game and on their third beer, Jared said, “I'm thinking about getting my nipple pierced.”

Jensen was in the process of swallowing beer, almost choked on a gasp. Coughing, he set his bottle down on the table, tried to ignore Jared's snickering.

“What? Why?” he exclaimed, incredulous. And really, really turned on. Because, seriously? Fucking hot.

“Well, I like the one I've got,” Jared replied, taking another swig, the bar through his tongue making a sharp sound as the metal connected with the rim of the bottle, sending a jolt to Jensen's already pained cock.

On the couch, Jared leaned into Jensen . “There's this bartender back home, Jason something, he's got his nipple pierced. He told me that when he got it done, he actually came in his pants.”

“The fuck, Jared? Who the hell comes from getting pierced?”

Jared shrugged, relaxing back against the the cushions. “Apparently, it's fucking hot, if it's done right.”

Jensen forced out a laugh. “There's other ways to get your rocks off, dumbass.”

Jared looked at Jensen and smiled wickedly. “Yeah, but I figure if I'm getting it done anyway, then hell yeah, I'd like to be shooting when I do it.”

Rolling his eyes, Jensen tried to spread his legs to give his cock some room without Jared noticing. “I swear, if your momma heard the way you talk sometimes.”

Jared laughed, a loud guffaw. “If my momma knew half the shit I do , I'd be locked in my bedroom until I was thirty.”

Jensen cleared his throat. “What does Sandy think?”

“Who cares? I mean, it's not like we see each other more than twice a year. She doesn't like it, she can find someone else.

Jensen stared at him. The hell? “You guys okay?”

Shrugging again, Jared replied, “Yeah, we're fine, I guess. We just don't see each other at all anymore, and I don't think either of us cares.”

“Why don't you just break up?”

“I think we're both too used to it, you know? I mean, it's so much easier to say, 'I have a girlfriend' when I'm turning down some slightly obsessive fan than actually having to reject them outright. Like you do, you know?”

Jensen winced; they both knew he hated when he had to say no to anyone, even an obsessive fan.

“Anyway,” Jared said, bringing them back to the subject at hand, “which one do you think I should do?”


Jared rolled his eyes. “Which nipple, jackass.”

“Christ, how should I know?”

Jared caught his eyes, started to smile. Leaning over the table in front of the couch, he set his bottle down, began to slowly unbutton his shirt.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Jensen stammered.

“Trying to make a decision,” Jared said innocently.

Finished unbuttoning the white shirt, Jared spread it apart, revealing his chest. Jensen swallowed. Hard. Jared was always tan, like all those years under the Texas sun had permanently changed his pigment.

Jared's hand skimming down his own chest didn't help matters, Jensen having a hard time pulling his eyes away, watching as Jared flicked at his left nipple with his thumb.

“Wha'cha think, Jen? This one work?” The tiny brown nub hardened under Jared's thumb, and Jensen clenched his fingers to keep from reaching out.

“Yeah,” he said, voice rough. He cleared his throat and reached for his beer again, gulping down the cold brew while avoiding Jared's eyes.

“You sure, man?” Jared asked, dragging Jensen's gaze back to him. He was rubbing his other nipple now, getting it just as hard as the other one. “You don't think this one would be better?”

“How the fuck should I know, dude? I mean, a nipple's a nipple, what's the damn difference?” Of course, there was a world of difference in the fact that it was Jared's nipples they were discussing and not some stranger's, but he kept that to himself.

Jensen was getting a little annoyed with the whole thing. Jared was just sitting there, playing with his nipples, getting Jensen harder than fuck, and he didn't even seem to notice. How could anyone not get hard with that kind of display in front of them? No one could, he told himself, getting angrier with every thought. He's just fucking with me, he knows exactly what he's doing, the bitch.

Well, fuck that. Jensen set his beer down on the table with a determined thunk and moved closer to Jared. Reaching out, he rubbed his thumb over Jared's pebbled nipple, gratifying in the strangled noise his friend made.

“This one's nice,” Jensen said, struggling to keep his voice detached. He moved to the other one. “So's this one, though. You could put a little hoop through it, or a bar, I guess.”

Jared cleared his throat. “I was thinking the hoop. Easier to tug.”

Jensen's mind immediately flashed to the image of himself pulling on the imaginary hoop through Jared's nipple and he had to take a deep breath. Shaking his head a little, he cleared the vision from his mind.

Moving back from Jared, he settled back in his seat and asked, “When're you gettin' it done?”

Looking discomfited, Jared answered, “Uh, Saturday, I guess. You'll come with, right?”

“I don't know, man, from what you said earlier, it sounds like a moment better shared between you and Curly the local piercer.”

Jared laughed. “You're an ass.”

Jensen just smiled. Things would get back to normal soon, he was sure of it. Just then, Jared stood and stretched, his open shirt spreading wider, revealing his hard stomach.

Well, he'd try to work on it.


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Uhm. More? Very hot, very awesome.
No more, but thank you so much for your kind words.
*fans self* Loved it. Of course piercings are a bit of a kink of mine, so yeah. I think Jared was just being a little bit evil there, which was perfect. And Jensen not knowing what to do with himself was fabulous. I would love to see more of it. Like lots more.
Thank you so much! I'm happy you liked it. No sequel, though. I can't write 'em. :)
This need to be continued!
Thanks for the comment! I won't be continuing it, most likely, though. I'm sorry!
this so needs one
No sequel, I'm sorry! Thank you for your comment!
Heh, I love teasing. This was fun.
Oh, thank you! I'm happy you liked it!
*shiver* oh the tease, how i love it! :D
Thank you! Glad you liked it.
Oh, honey, thank you, but honestly, I can't write sequels. I've tried in the past, and it just doesn't work for me. Once I'm done with a story, I'm pretty much done.

Thank you so much for your comment, though. I really appreciate it.
Hah. Oh. Sequel, sequel, encore they say. Did I call it, or what?

Turned out wonderbar, darlin'. Happy belated birthday to Meagan.

P.S. Jess is the genius of this operation. I'm the clod following everyone up! -nods-
Yeah, babe, you totally called it.

Thanks for all your help, dear. And your comment! You're a sweetheart.

And you are so not the clod following up, both my beta's are equally awesome.
Hush, Jen! You're brilliance herself!

But, Erin, you see? Your fears are unfounded. They like you, they really like you! And why wouldn't they... this little fic is tasty.
Oh, my fears aren't unfounded, I don't think. People are just awesome.

Thank you, Jess! You're a doll for helping me out, as always.
Very hot!
i think you should consider a sequal.
maybe include a little smexing. *wiggles eyebrows*
loved it.
I know people would like a sequel, and honestly, I'd love to oblige, but I just don't see it happening. I can't write sequels, unfortunately. I'm sorry!

Thank you for your comment, though! I'm so glad you liked it!
Hee! Thank you! I'm happy you liked it. I'm rather partial to the idea of Jared having his tongue pierced, myself. :)
I really like this story!
Thank you so much!
Is this what you were complaining about last night? If so, you're crazy!

I'm just amused and I'll leave it at that.

Hopefully Meagan liked the present.
I can't remember, but yeah...probably. 'Cause I hate it.

I hope she likes it, too. I don't think she's seen it yet, though.

Thank you, babe!

I'm sorry sorry I missed it posted. I feel horrible. I don't know how I missed it.

I loved this. Now I'm having very dirty thoughts about Jared's nipples.

Thank you so much!
You're welcome!

And it's fine that you missed it, hon. It happens to all of us, especially when our friends pages go nuts.

Also, dirty thoughts about Jared's nipples? Sounds lovely to me.
Oh hell, with that display I'd be hard too and I don't have a dick!
Thanks for sharing.
I know, right? Who the hell wouldn't?

Thanks for the comment, dear!
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